Our Menu

Montrachet's cuisine is approached with a mindset of bringing together the discipline of French gastronomic cooking and showcasing technique with the best produce, most of which is geographically close to us along with specific lines from acclaimed producers from around our vast country. Shannon’s philosophy on cooking stems from 21 years of studying the cooking profession hands on with culinary innovators and classical icons throughout the world. He holds a high regard for building close relationships with producers to obtain world class standards which can be delivered consistently and grown with utmost care and respect for the customer. French cooking has evolved immensely in time and continues to do so, this is an aspect shown in the recipes of Montrachet. Whilst we maintain a collection of traditional Montrachet recipes which are rich and decadent, we also bring to the forefront the lighter approach and well balanced meals with great technique and innovation while upholding Montrachet standards of value for money and an honest meal. Our kitchen brigade is one comprised of chefs who have either come from France or have spent years of commitment to their profession in working in some of the most influential 2 and 3 star Michelin kitchens in France. This experience along with the evolvement of Shannon’s own style stemming from the previous 8 years of intense preparation of the world’s most gruelling culinary events ( Culinary Olympics 2008, 2012 & Bocuse d'Or 2013 , 2015) makes a formidable team who are never sitting idle with their creativity and professionalism. As cooks the brigade’s enthusiasm is made possible by the great patronage we have at Montrachet where we get to share our culinary lives in the most intimate surroundings.