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Montrachet Story

The wines that carry the vineyard name of Montrachet in their title come from two towns in Burgundy known as Puligny Montrachet and Chassagne Montrachet. From these two towns come 5 Grands Crus and numerous Premier Cru and village wines.

The Grands Crus are as follow:

Le Montrachet
Straddling both towns
Bâtard- Montrachet

Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet - Chassagne Montrachet
Bienvenue-Bâtard-Montrachet - Puligny Montrachet
Chevalier- Montrachet - Puligny Montrachet

These wines, made entirely from chardonnay grapes, are considered to be among the greatest whites wines produced in the world with the most superior being Le Montrachet which comes from a mere 7.99 ha strip of vines no more than 100 metres wide.

The vineyard lies nearly at the crest of its slope, occupying just under 10 acres on each side of the border dividing Puligny and Chassagne. Its name "Mont Rachat", from the Latin Mons Rachisensis," means literally a "bald hilltop," and the soil is so poor and stony that it does not even support underbrush. The subsoil, however, is extremely chalky, perfectly drained, and with a south-south-eastern exposition that catches the sun's rays from dawn to dusk. These factors contribute to an exceptional level of organic complexity, concentration and maturity in the fruit.

Production is approximately 3500 cases per year.